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How two posts per day turned into ClinOhio Research Services Marketing.

Business Handshake

We are not an agency.  


We are a clinical research site that saw the opportunity to grow our small business through digital marketing, so we hired a marketing specialist to do just that.  


In September of 2022, ClinOhio Research Services was looking for part-time digital media help. We decided to bring in recent marketing and journalism graduate Kathryn Willette to keep our Instagram, Facebook and website up to date with our current studies, and possibly help input patient contact information into our online database.  


Five months later we had a new website, began utilizing two new platforms in addition to managing the accounts we already had, were routinely placing paid advertisements using marketing materials made in-house, and we were able to measure and analyze each of these efforts in real time. 


Again, we are not an agency. However, we do have the capacity and knowledge to do the same type of marketing for other small businesses, and we are now taking on clients who are looking for marketing help. 

Interested? Chat with us today or check out our work.


Meet Kathryn

Kathryn Willette, Marketing Specialist

Kathryn joined ClinOhio Research Services in September of 2022, after graduating from Ohio University with a degree in Strategic Communication and Marketing. Kathryn is now responsible for managing ClinOhio Research Services Marketing, which includes client communication, content curation and creation, media planning, website design and performance measurement.

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